How To Find The Best Local SBA Loans In Your Area

You have everything ready to create or expand  your small business. All you need is a friendly lender to help you out with cash flow. One of the best and most affordable ways to get the cash you need is to work with a Small Business Association approved lender to get an SBA loan! These SBA loans are available to small businesses at low interest rates to help spur small business and job creation, so take advantage when you are able.

But how do you find a local SBA lender? Let’s take a look.

Finding SBA Loansbusiness-card-1015284_1920

If you’re looking for an SBA loan from anywhere in the country, there are a number of avenues for you to take to get the cash you need. Head to the Small Business Administration website ( and one option is to use the SBA LINC tool. With LINC, you’ll fill out basic information about your business, and a number of qualified SBA lenders will respond to you within 2 days, and you can then act on that information. SBA LINC will also supply you with information on SBA loans and low-cost training options for your employees and yourself.

Another option is to head to the SBA Local Assistance map page. There, you’ll be able to either scroll through the list of U.S. states and choose the district office which covers your area, where you’ll be able to find additional information. Otherwise, head to the actual map and put in your zipcode and it will give you both the local district office address as well as any upcoming events to help train yourself or your employees better!

These district offices will help you find local lenders who can assist you with the SBA loan application process . . .

Finding Local SBA Loans

So, to find local SBA lenders, you can contact the SBA district office. Otherwise, it’s time to hop back on Google.

You’ll want to search for local banks. If you already work with a local bank, it’s worth asking if they utilize SBA loans.

Head to multiple banks websites, then use the search function and type in “SBA”. They should have a number of posts, either blog posts or pages, dedicated to the topic. You’ll be able to read up on their program and find out if they are part of the SBA’s Preferred Lender Program (PLP).

Narrowing Down The List

Once you have a list of banks who are SBA lenders, narrow it down to those who are part of the PLP as well as any others you particularly like. Now it’s time to start working through the application process. Each bank will be able to offer slightly different advantages to the SBA loan you’re applying for, but only PLP participants will be able to streamline the process and make your application process smooth.

What Kind Of Plumbing Services Can I Count On 24/7?

Sometimes, you need plumbing services NOW. There’s no waiting, there’s water in the basement or you have no water for drinking or bathing and you need it solved right away. No matter the time, 24/7, it’s nice to know there are certain services you can get right away! But what exactly can you fix any time of day or night?

24/7 Plumbing Services

Burst Pipe Repairbackground-1239373_1280

Frozen pipes? Burst pipes? Leaking pipes? Whatever the cause, many plumbing services providers will come out at any time to get you back in shape. It’s best to get a problem like this taken care of right away, otherwise it can cause even bigger problems due to lack of water pressure, standing water, mold and more. And in older homes, the problems will only be more exacerbated!

When you pipes burst or freeze, shut off the main water valve, call the plumber, then unplug any electronics and appliances nearby and remove them from the area, along with any other objects.

Water Heater Repair

Cold water. No heat. It’s a terrible thing to realize, and if it’s an emergency situation, do not hesitate to call up some plumbing services! If you’re hearing rumbling or popping noises from your water heater, it could be a really bad situation, so definitely call in.

Once you call in, be sure to turn off the water heater supply valve and stay away from the water heater on the off chance it may be building up pressure.

Drain Cleaning

Drain clogged? Can’t get at it with anything in your house? It might be time to call in the professionals. One of the most requested plumbing services is drain cleaning for kitchen sinks, showers, tubs, bathroom sinks, downspouts and sewer lines. Common culprits include grease, detergents, soap and shampoo buildup, hair, dirt, debris and sewage backup.

Sump Pump Repair

You might not think about a sump pump often, but if it’s not working your basement is going to be wet very soon! It’s purpose is to prevent leaking and flooding within your home and foundation, so it is key to your home’s safety. This is definitely something you want to call in about right away if you notice a problem.

How Performance Puts Bennington Pontoons Above The Crowd

Bennington pontoons are the best pontoon boats for sale today, bar none. These pontoons are the most powerful, most feature-rich, most performance-tuned boats available, and they will ‘wow’ you at every turn!

Let’s look at some of the great performance features available on these beautiful pontoons, available from some fantastic dealers.

Performance Features

Underdeck Wave ShieldPontoons

The underdeck wave shield helps deflect water from the bottom of your deck, reducing surges and giving the Bennington pontoons their trademark soft, quiet ride in rough water.

Lifting Strakes

Lifting strakes are an awesome feature which adds bow lift, increasing the Bennington pontoon’s handling on choppy water and improving speed by as much as 4.8 mph!

Seastar® Hydraulic Steering

Seastar® hydraulic steering eases your effort with higher horsepower engines. While you will still need two hands for handling hard turns, it significantly reduces the effort needed for most steering. This feature is used on pontoons with engines rated 115 hp or more.

Power-Assist Hydraulic Steering

Power-assist steering uses an electronically-controlled Seastar® hydraulic pump to help with handling and turns with minimal effort from you. This is even more powerful than the previous Seastar® hydraulic steering and is recommended for engines rated 150 hp or more.

Elliptical Sport Package

The Elliptical Sport Package (ESP) is the top-of-the-line for pontoon boat performance. It offers enhanced stability and water displacement with quick planing and handling rivaling a fiberglass sport boat!

The ESP is designed for high horsepower, and while it is option on outboard models it comes standard on Bennington inboard/outboard models! The ESP includes 2-25” diameter outer pontoons with performance foils, a patented 32” elliptical center pontoon with lifting strakes and an underdeck wave shield. That is an awesome sport package!